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Dye Sublimation Printing Services Near Me

Newtek Design Group offers the best dye sublimation printing West Boylston. Our color sublimation printing process includes the utilization of a unique color ink that sublimates when it is acquainted with high temperatures. This ink is first imprinted onto an exchange paper via an advanced printer and afterward this printed picture is moved onto a polyester piece of clothing utilizing hotness and strain. The ink responds to the hotness by "sublimating"; in that it changes from a strong state into a gas state. The color then, at that point, bonds with the polyester texture to make a clear, textureless, and long-lasting computerized print.

This cycle not just yields clear print colors that are wash-quick and solid yet it likewise permits you to print visual or shading complex designs precisely. You can deliver your realistic as a customary front, back, or sleeve print area on white poly shirts or you can likewise decide to print your craftsmanship as an "all-over" on the polyester article of clothing.

Advantages of Dye Sublimation Printing

✔ The print quality yielded by dye sublimation printing is brilliant.
✔ It is highly durable.
✔ There are unlimited colors to choose from.
✔ It can be completely customized as per your requirement.
✔ The fabric used for dye sublimation printing is easy to use.
✔ It is a cost-effective method.
✔ It is a quick process that allows us to deliver the product as early as in an hour.

No other method of printing can be compared with the versatility of dye sublimation printing. If you wish to choose this method, please contact Newtek Design Group for the best dye sublimation printing Worcester and West Boylston MA.

Our dye sublimation printing Worcester MA is a unique process that goes very well with polyester apparel.

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